Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Back in the Grove

During our daily walk around our condominium (which is called The Grove) we always make it a point to look for birds. We sometimes bring binoculars and on a few occasions, a camera. Since we saw quite a number of birds the previous day, I decided to bring along the camera with the shorter lens (300mm) the following day. At the lawn, there were the usual Eurasian Tree Sparrows.

Unfortunately the seemingly tireless Scaly-breasted Munia which kept bringing nesting materials to a particular palm tree probably relocated somewhere.

Our first walk around the ground area was fruitless. The Zebra Doves were calling non-stop but never exposed themselves. Only the usual Yellow-vented Bulbuls and Eurasian Tree Sparrows were present. So my wife and I both agreed to do another round. It was then that they finally obliged to show themselves to us. 

The male walking towards its partner
Cynthia's sharp ears detected an Olive-backed Sunbird. Looking up towards the parking area she found the tiny bird perched on the wiry fence.

Then the species that we were actually waiting to see came. The day before we saw a flock of about 30 individuals feasting on a tree near the parking shed. This time although a bit fewer in number, they repeated their feeding frenzy at the same tree.

Inasmuch as we are unable to do some serious birding lately, I am just glad that there are still wild birds around the place where we live. That sort of brings us back in the groove of enjoying our hobby.

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