Tuesday, September 25, 2018

To the Munias and Back

In our last walk around our condominium complex we didn't see the Scaly-breasted Munias. Not a single one! Usually we would see them bringing nesting materials to different trees - either at the lawn or at the lower ground.

As a matter of fact the lawn area seemed devoid of the usual avian fauna, except for the Eurasian Tree Sparrows (ETS), of course. Even then they seemed more skittish that day - so much so that I wasn't able to get even a single shot at them. Imagine that!

It was the ground area that sort of compensated for what was lacking at the lawn. Maybe it was early enough because the resident Collared Kingfisher had not yet been bullied by the migrant Brown Shrike.

The Yellow-vented Bulbuls, Zebra Doves and Philippine Pied Fantails were at their usual places.

Whereas the munias were a no-show, it was the Lowland White-eyes that entertained us with their presence. And they were at the tree right next to the entrance of our building.

And of course, the obligatory ETS photo taken at the ground level.

Three days later, it was the other way around - only a pair of white-eyes showed up but never gave a photo op. However, the Munias were back.

The Brown Shrikes were also more numerous now both at the lawn and at the grove next to the condominium grounds.

The ETS flock was also more friendly now at the lawn. Perhaps a bit sleepy still?

We were correct in assuming that there won't be any sunbirds at the flowers near the garage since there was a delivery van parked next to those flowers. We were surprised, however, when we saw the female calling while perched on a rope.

This time there were no fantails. The Zebra Dove that we saw was on a different place than where we usually see them.

Oh, and three days ago we saw what I believe was some sort of a cuckoo, most likely a Rusty-breasted, do a quick fly by near the worker's area. We tried looking for it today but sadly, we did not have any luck at all.

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