Thursday, September 20, 2018

Lawn Again Naturally

Part of our condominium complex is an area referred to as the "Great Lawn". It has some playground stuff like slides and seesaws. A concrete trail goes around it for joggers and walkers. There are plenty of vegetation surrounding it as well. Actually, it is located on the same level as the fourth floor of the buildings around.

photo picked up from the internet. ctto.
This place is where we start our almost daily walking routine. After we had made it around the area, we then go to ground level and take the longer route around six tall buildings. Because there are plenty of trees just outside the complex (and at the lawn as I mentioned earlier) there are quite a number of birds here. Which makes our walk more enjoyable.

This morning the sun was shining brightly unlike the gloomy days of the recent past. I decided to take along my gear with the longer lens (the Tamron 150-600 zoom). In our past walks at the lawn, the birds we have seen were the ever present Eurasian Tree Sparrows (ETS) and sometimes the noisy Yellow-vented Bulbuls (YVB). On a few occasions, a pair of Scaly-breasted Munias would show up as they seem to scout for some nesting place. So we were not really expecting much as we started our walk. To our surprise, the very first species we saw (excluding the ETS of course) was the migrant Brown Shrike! Unfortunately, my first shots were not that good as it was at some distance from us. I moved a bit closer but after just a couple of steps the Shrike flew away. We were going to the direction where it went when Cynthia heard something. Following the twittering noise she located a family of Olive-backed Sunbirds feasting on the blossoms.

Having our fill of the Sunbirds we found the Shrike, whom we nicknamed "Brownie" atop a palm tree. This time I was able to get some good shots.

As we were about to end our walk at the lawn, we got another surprise! Normally we would see a huge flock of these birds at the trees near the parking area at the ground level. Today was the first time the Lowland White-eyes came to the lawn.

It had been a rewarding walk at the lawn and we hoped that our luck would continue at the ground level. At the usual spot behind Tower B the YVBs were already enjoying the sunshine.

Near the entrance to the garage, a pair of Zebra Doves built a nest on a palm tree.

While waiting for the White-eyes (which never came) I tried taking photos of the Swiftlets soaring above us. Here is a really bad shot of what I presume to be a Grey-rumped Swiftlet.

At the car wash area, the Scaly-breasted Munias were also building a nest.

Behind Tower A, the Philippine Pied Fantails were at their usual spot.

As we were about to end our daily walk, I just had to take the obligatory shot of the ETS.

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