Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ting Wai is Waiting

Our birding buddy, Peter (aka Ting Wai), wanted to get a photo of the Indigo-banded Kingfisher in Villa Escudero.  He had photographed it before but he wasn't happy with the results. Now that he is better "equipped" with the 600mm lens that Canon Philippines loaned him, he wanted to give it another try.

The key to photographing the resident kingfisher was waiting. We set up our gears in the middle of the shallow river and waited. Every now and then the tiny blue-colored bird would zoom past us teasingly. Still we waited. There were times when it would perch but it would do so on a branch too distant even for our long lenses. So we waited some more.

Almost three hours later and bingo! It came at just the right distance at just about the right ambient light. We fired away. The waiting was finally over.

After a sumptuous lunch - how can you not enjoy such delicious Filipino cuisine while the cool river waters flow over your feet? - we headed towards the tree popularly known as the Red-keeled Flowerpecker's home. As soon as we got there we were already rewarded by the presence of the immature flowerpecker yelling for food. 

One of the parents was busy feeding on the red fruits which it eventually shared with its offspring.

Soon raindrops started falling on our heads. We boarded Peter's car and drove to nearby Hacienda Escudero where we discovered to our delight that it was a place where munias weren't hard to come by. As a matter of fact, three kinds were busily enjoying the bountiful fruits of the grass: Chestnut (aka Black-headed) Munias, Scaly-breasted Munias and surprise! White-bellied Munias.

Rain began to fall in earnest. The effects of rising early in the morning were beginning to creep on us. As we drove along the superhighway with raindrops pelting the windshield, pictures of warm cozy beds waiting for us in our respective homes danced in our heads.

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