Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seize the Cola - the bright-capped One!

For me having a Coca-cola during lunch is almost a given. Saturday while setting the table for our noontime meal I heard my wife say "I'll have a Coke too." My eyebrows crept towards my hairline. Then she followed that with, "the one in the bright-colored can." She meant the Regular, of course, while I, on the other hand, preferred Coke Light. (And yes, we have both in our refrigerator.)

Perhaps my wife's sudden craving for that popular soft drink was triggered somehow by our short birding foray that morning. And I mean short. Two hours more or less. It was drizzling as we drove to our destination. We were undeterred, having had this kind of experience many times before. As we approached our birding place the gloomy skies gave way to a bright morning which we knew somehow would happen.

Long-tailed Shrikes seem to be everywhere. Here and there the newly arrived migrant Brown Shrikes were already hunting for food. The usual suspects were there and a Barred Rail even crossed the road ahead of us. Twice. Once when we were entering the area and then again as we were leaving.

What made the day for us was that we got some really good looks at some Bright-capped Cisticolas. At first we thought that they were just Scaly-breasted Munias which were quite plentiful that morning as they fed on the wet, tall grass. But when Cynthia heard the distinctive song we knew without a doubt - Cisticola!

Soon rain started to fall again. We already had our moments of brightness, in more ways than one, so we both agreed that it was time to head back home.

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