Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spotted Would Not….

It wasn't the first time it happened to us. Still, it was a bit frustrating. Seemed like every photographer in town had seen and taken a picture of the male Spotted Wood Kingfisher at the La Mesa Ecopark. Everyone except us, that is. Oh yes, my wife and I saw it. I even pointed it to two visiting Singaporean bird photographers, Simon Quek and Wang Bin. But photographs? Not me. The bird was on a high branch and was terribly backlit (or backlighted. Whatever!)

And sooo, Cynthia and I just contented ourselves with the now dirt common Ashy Thrushes. The Red-bellied Pitta that our Singaporean friends purposely came to this place for was sadly a no-show. 

However, there was a consolation. And what a consolation it was! It definitely more than made up for the disappointments with the Spotted Wood Kingfisher which would not stay on a lower level (like it used to do) nor the Red-bellied Pitta which never showed up at all. This time a very cooperative pair of Mangrove Blue Flycatchers posed close enough and long enough for us to take some really good photos of them.


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