Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Date with the Colasisi

"Colasisi" is another name for the Philippine Hanging Parrot (Loriculus philippensis). It was derived from the Tagalog word kulasisi which, interestingly, also had a different connotation: It means "mistress" or "the other woman". Inasmuch as the kulasisi was (and sadly, continues to be) a favorite cage bird because of its beautiful colors, the name was applied to a woman other than the wife. She was considered as a "pet".

Our birding friend from China, Wenxing, still did not have a good picture of this species. When our other birding friend and frequent companion, Peter, informed us that these colorful endemics were a sure find in a park within their subdivision, we all accepted his invitation to go there. We set Monday, September 12, as our date with the Colasisi.

At 6 am, as if on cue, three colasisis feasted on the trees with yellow flowers. For about an hour-and-a-half Wenxing and I had our fill at photographing these tiny gems. It was an enjoyable experience photographing them in this urban environment.

Here are some photos taken there.

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