Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Empire Shrike's Back

The emperor went to the highest point, looked around at his domain, and proclaimed that he is back! He had always been known as a tyrant, a bully even, chasing away intruders in his territory. He had travelled thousands of miles after spending the warm days of summer in the northern part of his empire. Now for the next 7 - 8 months he will rule his chosen realm with power and arrogance.

Today was the first time my wife and I saw the migrant Brown Shrike. 

Learning from yesterday's lesson where we saw several birds, some even at close range, in our regular walk around the village, and not bringing along my camera thus missing some great photographic opportunities, this time I was ready. Good thing I did.. because I was able to document the belligerent shrike as it announced its presence.

To our surprise, it wasn't the only migrant in our village. Back at its hangout (where we first saw it last year) was a female Blue Rock Thrush!

Of course, the "locals" were up and about. Interestingly the Golden-bellied Gerygones were quite plentiful and uncharacteristically even frolicked among the lower branches of the trees. Perhaps avoiding being harassed by the emperor.

On the other hand, the Philippine Pied Fantail, another aggressive species, was doing its usual business.

The Zebra Dove was at its usual nonchalant attitude.

The Olive-backed Sunbird appeared a little bit later than it normally does.

Another surprise was the Chestnut Munia. We did see it yesterday at its bamboo habitat and Cynthia and I were hoping that it would show up again today. Their (there were more than one for sure) appearance in this area had been irregular and there were times that we don't see them for weeks. Today, it seems that another brood of young ones would soon be populating our neighborhood. This adult had been picking up pieces of bamboo leaves and then bringing them inside the thicket.

Finally, a gratuitous shot of the Eurasian Tree Sparrow, a juvenile even.

No photos of the Yellow-vented Bulbuls this time as they appear to be very antsy because their nemesis, the emperor shrike, is back.

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trinket said...

Congrats on spotting the 1st migrant to welcome the season!