Friday, September 09, 2016

Watch Me Nine Nine

About two years ago a rapper named Silento became famous because of his song/video titled "Watch Me Nae Nae". Indeed the beat was so captivating that one can't help but dance to its pulsating rhythm.

Now what has that got to do with birding? Nothing really except I just wanted to make a pun of the title. Inasmuch as today is the ninth of September (9-9), and I (with my wife, actually) was out watching birds in our neighborhood, I thought that would be an appropriate title.

We did see some of our target birds such as the Chestnut Munias. We saw three of them - an adult, one that is molting into adulthood and a juvenile.

The Golden-bellied Gerygones were still frolicking at the lower branches and even perching on the electric wires.

The migrant "boss" was now even more conspicuous.

Finally, the Olive-backed Sunbird showed up quite late again.

We missed some species like the Philippine Pied Fantail and the Blue Rock Thrush and those Black-naped Orioles that kept mocking us by constantly announcing their presence and yet not exposing themselves. They would then suddenly fly over us and disappear once again from view. For these birds a fitting title would be "watch me nay nay".

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