Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cheery Tree Swifts Takes

There was a time when Whiskered Treeswifts can only be seen perched on electric wires along the road. A fact that made them quite un-photogenic. And bird photographers not too happy about it.

But now a new era has dawned. A simple trip up to Mt. Palay-palay would reward a bird photographer with a sure sight of a Treeswift perched on a branch a mere 5 meters away from the side of the road. There the photographer can take its picture to his heart's content. The three times I was there the female Hemiprocne comata was always on that particular spot. The lovely bird would always stay on that bare branch by the road. It would fly-off occasionally to go after some unfortunate bug and then return to the same perch. We who have witnessed this scenario have learned to pre-focus on its perch while the treeswift was off hunting for food and then take a burst of shots as soon as it returned.

That made me and a lot of my bird photographer friends quite cheerful.

Taken July 24, 2010

Taken August 14, 2010

Taken August 30, 2010


Dan Huber said...

very pretty bird

Monique et Daniel said...

Superbes oiseaux, superbes photos!
merci de nous avoir fait partager cette rencontre!

Bob Kaufman said...

@Monique, merci beaucoup.

What they said: Superb birds, superb photos. Thanks for sharing.

Chris Petrak said...

Gorgeous bird - I enjoy seeing birds from places I have never been, and may never get to.

Bob Kaufman said...

@Chris, if you will have the chance to visit the Philippines, let me know and I will be happy to show you around.